Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Twist Out on 4C Hair

This is the hurr today.
I've had my hair in a yarn braids the last two months and decided to take them out for two reasons: 1. tired of em, 2: My hairline was beginning to get thin from all the up-do's I was wearing.
In that 2 month period of time, my hair grew A LOT! Look at previous posts and see the growth for yourselves!

Now, my hair is getting to a length where my twist outs kind of fall..but not really..so I've been having to pull my twists into a ponytail (which I can do now YAY!) at night. I think tonight, I'm just going to twist my hair and not put it in a pony tail and see what happens. I'll post a picture tomorrow for ya'll.

As far as products go, I washed my hair with Aussie's MOIST Shampoo (it has sulfates in it for those of you who care) and Aussie's Moist conditioner. My hair was REALLLLY dry on Saturday so I slept with the conditioner in my hair over night. Miraculous results indeed, my hair was no longer course course course and dry.
Then I applied Kinky Curly Knot Today in sections of my hair and followed it up with Kinky Curly's Curling custard as I 2 strand twisted my hair. This is day 3 hair. Last night (night 2) I sprayed my hair with the Spiral Spritz  and water to rejuvenate my hair and this morning, it felt moisturized and throughout the day it has been so soft! 
Honestly, Aussie's Moist Shampoo and conditioner, and Kinky Curly's Knot Today, Curling Custard and Spiral Spritz are going to be staple products for a long time. Yes, I still experiment with products like no other (no room under the bathroom sink for more products), however, I am extremely pleased to have something I can definitively turn to if the shit hits the fan with my other products!


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