Thursday, March 14, 2013

4C hair - Stretched out 4C hair and Length Check

Hello Ladies, 

Before we jump into the post I want to put a disclaimer!
My shirt has HECKA product fallout on it. I was mixing products to see if they flake or not and they sure did when I took out my twists and separated my hair. I used Miss Jessies Curly Pudding and Oyins Honeydew leave in conditioner. Apparently...they don't mix well :-D (don't repeat my mistake)

Now, on to the pictures!
Here's my hair after I took them out of the twists.  I decided to unravel them after I learned that  I was getting hecka product flaking and because I didn't like the lack of definition I had on the back of my head.
I need to work on finding the right combination of products to use that will give me definition in my twistouts. I need to experiment more with flaxseed gel. I've made it once before (SUPER EASY PROCESS) and I remember that it had awesome hold and smelled amazing (I added Sweet Orange oil for fragrance). In the near future, I'm going to moisturize my hair with Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie and then twist with flaxseed gel. Stay tuned.
After I separated my twists, I decided to put it in a bun and style the front to see what I would get.
I was happy to see that my bun wasn't so "stingy". My bun is actually getting bigger, hooray!

I decided to see what my hair would look like if I messed around with the front.
Now I pulled it back in a puff.

Now, I'm just admiring my length. BUT ... My hair could have been much longer if I had taken better care to moisturize it and dust/trim my edges more regularly. I've been trimming it a lot lately. I won't stop until my split ends and knots are gone. Right now, I trim every 3 weeks or  so. I figure I'll slow down to once every 6 weeks or as needed when my ends are looking better (and they already are!!) maybe I have one more 3 week trim session and then I can relax some. I got so caught up in retaining length, that I didn't trim my ends when I should have. That has led me to cutting off about an inch of hair in length. I trim in sessions because it helps me get over losing length. But I will say that my hair responds so much better to products when it's healthier...(moisture and healthy ends)
The most flattering picture of  me ever.

Then I was done playing with my hair (I think I grew tired around 15 minutes..lack of patience?!? lol). This was the poofy goodness that was left (my hair was already beginning to shrink!)

The more my hair grows, the more motivated  I am in taking care of it. I get lazy from time to time, so I have to remind myself to be kinder to my hair and to love it more. I believe that taking care of our hair (and well being in general) is one of the many ways we can express the love we have for ourselves. Besides, you can't fully love others if you don't love yourself right? At least, so goes the saying.

Till next time.. be well.


  1. I subscribed to your youtube channel. Very inspirational.

  2. If you wanna test products without putting them in your hair just mix them together in you hand. If you get clumps it probably won't work.


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