Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My 4c Twistout Journey Continues

Today's finished product
Per yesterday's post, I promised to share pictures of today's twist out. I actually think it turned out more fab than yesterday. It's raining and windy today, and I knew that the wind alone would have some kind of effect on my twist out. In other words, I KNEW that my twist out would change during my commute to work and it so did! Expand this post to see the rest of the pictures and watch my hair transform throughout the morning.

Yesterday's twistout
Last night, I decided to do a dry twist out and not put any additional products nor water to my hair. I counted 23 twists when I was done.
Took the twists out this morning (again did not add any products to my hair), fluffed the roots with a pick comb some, and this was the result. 
This is a profile picture, of my hair after taking out the twists and fluffing some. I decided not to focus too much on making it perfect as it would change by the time I got to work anyway! 

Now, I'm at work. Do you see how the twist out is changing? It's the wind and moist air (no rain got on my hair) 
This is the back of my hurr. I have separate sections and not so much of a twist pattern, partly because I separated a lot and also because my twists didn't sit in my head that long (6-7hrs) with no additional product. Had I added some moisture (water, or leave in conditioner), my hair would have taken better shape to the twists..but no care! I love how it turned out.

At this point (about 1.5 - 2 hrs after I get to work), my hair is done setting in! I enjoy this process. My hair never turns out the same way twice. I call this PERSONALITY..and I'm loving my hairs personality =D
do you see how the end of my twists aren't as stringy as they where when I first took them out of the twists? 

Very pleased with the results.

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