Thursday, July 31, 2014

Grey Hair / Dark Skin

Hey guys, 

It's been quite some time since I've posted so I'd like to start this post off by sending well wishes your way! I hope you're doing some rendition of phenomenal.

This is a quick post to show you what a grey wig looks like on darker beauties. I wasn't able to find any pictures to reference before purchasing this wig, so I'm putting this picture out there for ladies who may be curious.

It's definitely out of my comfort zone, which is exactly why I purchased it. #livealittle #somethingnew

The wig details are as follows: 
Purchased from :

A quick hair update: I've trimmed my hair numerous times and yet, my ends are still rubbish! I'm misting it everyday with water, however, it remains in a very delicate state of "dry". So while I try to work through this and figure out what's going on with my hair, I'm wigging it up hard. My hair has definitely grown..and is past my collar bone (some parts of it) and in order to fit it underneath this wig I braided  it in flat twists. Not much else to say so I'll end the post right about

Till next time, be well!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Curl Former on 4C Hair - Results

Hi Loves!

I wanted to take some time to show you the results of my first set of curl formers. You can get the "real" curl formers from Sally's for $69, however, I purchased my knockoffs from for $16.99. In the near future, I'll be posting a video on my channel (JustMeand4C) showing you my initial reaction and results. I'm going to follow that with a second video showing how I apply the formers and the products I used. 

There are some things that I want to work on for my next go in using curl formers.
1. While I did detangle my hair, I'm going to comb out my coily ends (very gently) using a small tooth comb. My ends looked like flattened coils as my hair didn't straighten out all the way.

2. I need a very strong hold product that I can put in my hair and will not flake. By the end of the day (actually within 6 hours) my hair was puffing out of the curls.  The style still looked lovely, however, the fluff and stuff meant that I couldn't wear it beyond the first day.

I'll also be doing a review of the knock off curl formers that I purchased. Stay tuned for that.

This picture was taken within minutes of me taking out the curl formers.

Clearly, I'm one happy chica!

This is my hair a few hours later, you can see that my curls are beginning to puff. 

This was my hair the week before (using kinky curly curling custard and knot today). I wanted you to see what my hair texture looks like. The curl formers definitely worked.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Kinky Curly Knot Today and Curling Custard 4C Hair

Hey Loves,

This is my hair two days ago wearing Kinky Curly's Knot Today and Curling Custard.

I think it turned out beautiful!
After I washed,conditioned, and detangled my hair I applied Knot Today (my hair was wet) and then the custard. I parted my hair in about 8 sections (it's easier for me to work with smaller sections) and worked the products in. It took me about 15 minutes to apply it to my entire head. I have major shrinkage, however, that doesn't bother me at all.

The products defined my coils and added shine. My hair is also soft.

At night I wear a silky bonnet and in the morning my hair is flat and bent out of shape fabulousness.

To revive the awesomeness, I just spray my hair with water and pull out my hair. Sometimes I don't even use a spray bottle and I'll just put water in my hands and then onto my hair and distribute it around.

Every other night, I'll spray my hair with a castor oil, aloe vera juice, and water mix for added moisture.  Doing this hasn't seemed to give me flakes so I consider that a win!

I've been wearing my hair like this for 4 days and I'm pretty sure it'll look great for another 4 days!

Have you tried it? What do you think about it? I LOVE this stuff

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Quickly Style a bad Twistout/ Braidout + Night time routine 4C HAIR

Hello loves, here's the latest look I posted a tutorial of on YouTube. You can check out the video HERE. I've also recently posted the video in mu blog here.

I very much wanted to rock a twistout that day but it was evident that it wasn't going to happen when I took my hair out of the twists. I think part of the problem was that my hair wasn't properly detangled (you'll see that in the video).

When I started the video, I really wasn't sure what the heck I was going to do, but this is a great default hair style when braidouts and twistouts don't turn out how you'd like.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures and tutorial. Till next time, be well! <3

How to Quickly Style a bad Twistout/ Braidout + Night time routine

Hey ladies, I've posted a new video tutorial. This particular video demonstrates one of the hair styles I turn to when my twistouts or braidouts don't turn out how I'd like. I also show you how I manage the style at night. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Twistout Gets fluffy Throught the Day

Hey guys, I wanted to quickly show you what my hair loves to do! The middle pic is of m before I left for work. The pictures to the left and right are of me when I came home and got settled in. Puff puff galour. I actually don't mind that my hair does this at all!

Friday, April 5, 2013

4C Hair - Protective Styling using Marley Hair

Hey Lady Loves <3

This is yet another post on a protective style I was rocking last week.

I was wearing a faux bun look that was completely inspired by glamourfirl1992. I loved the look, but as many of you know, I grow tired of styles quickly and need to change my hair. I opted for using the same Marley hair I used in the Faux bun as extensions for my french braids.

Enjoy the pictures. Many of these looks are suitable to wear to work and most especially job interviews! The video tutorial is at the very bottom of this post. Check it out to see different ways I wore my hair and what I did to achieve the look.

10 simple looks that take a matter of seconds to put together.

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