Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Protective Styling! Senegalese Twists with a Twist

We all want to preserve the length and integrity of our hair. Protective styling helps in reaching these goals.

We all know my hair is extremely short right now, but not too short to braid ( I have about %70 hair is about an inch long stretched). Over the weekend I carefully installed Senegalese twists and so far, I'm loving them.

I call them Senegalese twists with a twist because I didn't braid them all the way to the end.

At the point at which my braids begin to matte and no longer look as pretty, I will braid it to the end. 

For now I'm enjoying the "voluminosity" of it all.

Below are several pictures of the style. 
I'm happy I was able to catch my widows peak!
You can see how voluminous the hair is
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Since my hair is relatively short, to help catch my hair and ensure that the twists don't slip out, I began each twist as a braid (Click picture for a closeup)

I used the Rast-A-Fri Kanekalon (Synthetic) hair. It looks just like the packet to the left. The color I used is 1 (Jet black even though my hair is 1B- DRK DRK Brown). I believe it comes in 1 length. I used about 2.75 bags of hair. My local beauty supply store sells the hair 2 for 5 bucks. This style cost me less than 10 bucks to rock and 4 hrs to install. It would take me less time to install if my hair was longer, but I needed to take my time and really work to catch my hair properly. Don't want braids just falling off!
Also, I only used 3 bags because I cut the hair in each package in half..otherwise the braids would have been too long .

If you need to learn different ways to install braids/twists etc. Youtube has many great tutorials.
You'll also see Rastafari hair in packages like this, where it's split. It doesn't matter which one you get.
An alternative to this brand is Black and Gold's kanekalon hair. Bottom line the key is to get Kanekalon hair.

Just a glimpse of what it would look like pulled back (But not too tight so not to stress your edges)


Clipped back

I'm a huge fan of "rocker" styles...this is a simple look to show you  some of the styles you can rock =D

Another close up of the hair
Hope you like! Till next time =D

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