Monday, March 26, 2012

Wash and Go on 4C hair

It's been a while since I've tried a wash n go. I was so used to seeing this style done on looser hair types I didn't know what to expect of my hair and quiet honestly I had somewhat unrealistic expectations of my hairs "performance". Anyway, I'm over the little love we 4c'ers get in forums, on youtube, and in general. It's not that we are hated on, but rather, a lot of folks who claim to have 4c hair really don't, and those of us who do, don't really know how to care for our hair. I'm determined to find the best ways to care for my hair, the right products, and styles.
I'll be honest, I don't love this wash and go. But I don't dislike it either. I do, however, love looking at pic of my coils up close...they are so cute and perfect!
I only used Knot Today and the Curling custard on my hair after a shampoo and condition treatment.
This is the result. What do you think?  If you have any feedback that anyone can benefit from..please feel free to share.
Oh shrinkage!
up close and personal with the coils! The brownish highlights you see are from my henna treatments.

coily heaven


  1. hi, googled 4c coily hair and stumbled across your blog! believe me, have felt your fustrations! I will join in the coily hair team, and post vids on youtube as soon as i get a web cam. but i really believe you are 4b, and not 4c b/c 4c doesnt have ANY curl defintion--and yours does. your hair is identical to mine! been natural for almost 3 years and have learned so much! first off Castille soap, glycerin/water mixture, and wash n gos are your friend! continue to grow out your hair b/c in no time those coils will begin to fall more and you will love the results...

  2. She's definitely a 4c. Thank you for your forum, it's so helpful! :D

  3. I believe that her hair type is a 4c as well. Looks very similar to mine, and I have many of the same struggles. My hair looks very similar when the Kinky Curly products are applied, but under normal circumstances, my hair lacks a specific curl pattern. I also have trouble with moisture retention as well.

    Thanks for providing this information to us 4c's out there!

  4. This blog is such a blessing! I, too, am a 4c and have been for the past few months trying to do the natural thing, but look stylish with it, and this blog has helped me out tremendously! Today is my first attempt at twist outs, and the fam loves them (and they're a pretty tough crowd to just kidding)! I've been getting all sorts of ideas from your blog and can't wait to try them. Thanks so much for your blog. You are beautiful and your hair totally rocks! Much love and God bless.

  5. I think your hair looks awesome...i kinda have an obsession with 4c hair,i think its gorjie. My hair is 3c 4a and i'm really having a hard time dealing with it simply becuz when i was transitioning i thought my hair would be more like urs so i stalked the 4c hair boards and blogs to learn how to take care of it and the styles i can do when i bc. Turns out not only is 4c hair pretty its also forward 2.5 years post relaxer/natural and i have mass of frizzy curls that gets dry quickly and can't even hold a proper afro. I'm still learning to take care of my hair ...but in the mean time i'm satisfy my cravings for hair porn by stalking the 4c boards lol

  6. Love your hair and the little coils that it makes with the products!

  7. This is my hair texture to a tee! Gives me hope because your hair looks so healthy and beautiful.

  8. omg your curls are amazing!! .. just discovered ur blog and will continue looking through it tomoro :) x

  9. Just found this blog, love it! I believe I'm 4C as well as my texture is identical to yours. Keep up the good work!


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