Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Moisturizing 4C Natural Hair

O-to-tha-K Ladies!
It's been nearly a year since my BC and I'm finally ready to start posting regularly-ish about my hair. I've been natural most my life, however, I never learned how to take care of my hair, natural or permed. Since my BC in 12/10, this has been my first attempt to truly learn about my hair and what it will take to keep it healthy. It's taken much experimentation, product junkie-ism, growth, frustrations, and time to get here. I'm still learning too!

Today's Topic is MOISTURE!
Now, before we delve into my thoughts and experience on moisturizing my hair, I want you to know that I'm still developing my moisturizing routine. I don't have a set one yet but I will be sure to post an update when I do.

 The following pictures show you my hair at various lengths. It'll show you my hair texture, then what my hair looks like when it's terribly dry and what it looks like when it is ultra moisturized!

This is to give you an idea of  how much my hair shrinks. I was wearing Kinky Kurly Knot today and the Curling Custard in this look (about 3.5 mos ago). My hair isn't usually as defined on its own. 
This is a true texture shot. This is a closeup picture of my hair about a week after my big chop. I do not have curls in my hair whatsoever. It is perfectly coily!
Here's another close up of my hair texture a few months later. You can see how tightly coiled and springy my hair is. The nature of my hair reminds me of that of crabs. Give it what it wants (moisture) and leave it alone. In it's natural state my hair enjoys being tightly packed and keeping to itself.

This is my stretched out hair (twist out ). It is VERY DRY. At this point in my journey I hadn't a clue what to put in my hair for moisture (frustrating). Also my hair was very hard to manage in such a dry state. Notice I'm not smiling here.
Here's a picture of my hair a few months later in a twist out. The twist out isn't very defined and can you see that my hair is still dry? It's less dry than the picture above, however, far from being properly moisturized.

In this picture (twist out), my hair was SORT OF Moisturized..still lightly "crispy" to the touch. I'm smiling here..but I was secretly pissed off at the moisture gods for hating on me so much.
Months later, I FINALLY landed a product combination that gave me moisturized hair!! Look at the difference guys!! My hair looks smoother. It was light weight. No icky hair products left behind on my fingers after touching it. It was easier to detangle. It was incredibly soft and there was absolutely no ounce of "crispiness" to the touch. Also my hair was more "manageable". What I mean by that was that it was easy to pin my hair back. It was easier to twist my hair. Hair is more elastic when moisturized. when it was dry, it was very hard to pin back. My hair didn't want to move/stiff. I was taken aback. This pic was taken last week December 06.2011
When I moved my head, my little bangs would fluff from side to side....tell me that's not moisturized!!
A smile!! She is pleased!
But alas! I know ya'll are wondering what I did. 

Day 1:
Washed my hair (Loreal Sulfate Free Shampoo)
Conditioned my hair using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration
Detangled my hair..after I got out the shower
Sprayed my hair with Aussies Hair  Insurance leave-in conditioner (thin watery conditioner containing silicones)
Sprayed my hair with a water/glycerin/coconut oil/ aloe vera juice combo
then applied Oyin's Handmade Whipped pudding on my hair as I twisted
That's it for the 1st day BUT despite my efforts my hair was only OK in terms of moisture

The night of Day 1!
I decided to retwist my hair that night using my Taliah Waajid Loc is up Tight hold gel. I spritzed my hair with my Aussie Hair Insurance and water, then I applied the Loc and hold gel to a section of hair then twisted.
Wrapped my head when I was done then headed to bed

Day 2: 
I took my hair out of the twists and styled my hair.  IT WAS AMAZINGLY SOFT AND MOISTURIZED!! (The last pictures above).

I don't know what to attribute my extreme moisture to. Was it a combination of the products used? or was it really the Loc and Hold Gel / Leave-In conditioner/ and Water? Did I need to seal in more moisture the next day? Not sure yet. I'm experimenting with this product combination (and others) to see. I hate to leave on such a cliff hanger..but I promise to be back in about 2 weeks with an update.Till then be well!
Please share with me what has worked for you!

You guys have seen this picture in a previous post before. But this was my hair about an hour after a henna treatment. It was quite moisturized hair (I used kinky kurly products). It was a little stiff from the treatment but at the same time moisturized. Over the next couple of days, my hair was nice and super soft.


  1. i just started my journey not too long ago. and i also have a 4c type hair.
    at this very moment, my hair looks exactly like your first stretched out twist out hair (both in the texture and length). it looks really dry and frizzy. i have actually used a lot of this form sheamoisture enhancing smoothie to the kinky curly but it still looks extremely dry.please do you have any tips for me

    1. Sorry for replying to late (I don't receive word when I get comments for some reason). I like the moisture enhancing smoothie. When I use that and the curling souffle my hair is notably softer the next day. Maybe you can give this combination a try and see how your hair responds to it. I need to try this combination after washing my hair to see what my hair will look and feel like the next day. Blog post pending.

  2. lol moisture probs as well... will def try your method then let you know

  3. Did you ever figure it out? Nothing works on my hair either so I'm very curious!!

    1. Hey Ashly, NOPE! I never figured out what it was about that combo. I'm still experimenting with moisture combos.. What I keep on running into is my hair being unhappily dry day 1 of washing. Day 2 or 3 (with the addition of more products) my hair becomes more and more moisturized. Sometimes the morning of Day2 my hair is greasy but minimally moisturized. I'm still working it out. I'll have an updated blog with pictures of my detangling and moisturizing process in a few weeks.

  4. Thank You! Please, never stop posting lol.


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