Monday, April 1, 2013

Twistout Updo on moisturized 4C Hair

Hello Again lady loves, 

This is my hair as it stands today. I just finished recording a video, however, I'll need a few days to edit prior to uploading to YouTube.

I'll elaborate further in my video, but my hair is loaded with EfaGold Coconut Oil. Prior to yesterday, I NEVER realized how moisturizing coconut oil is on my hair. I thought it just didn't suit me. In reality, I wasn't using nearly enough to reap the moisturizing benefits.

Now, I put WAY too much in my hair this time around as my intent was to use it to aid in dry detangling my hair prior to washing. But get this, I got too lazy and I haven't washed my hair since I put it in 2 days ago. My hair is still soft, but walk within one foot of my hair and you'll be saturated with product. Anyway, LOVE!

I'll be back in a few weeks time to let you know when I've figured out the right amount of coconut oil to use so that my hair is moisturized, but not over saturated.

The picture above is to highlight the ends of my hair. I applied As I Am Smoothing Gel to the ends of my twists to help hold the cute coils. Verdict? It worked! Right now you can get 20% off beauty products at Just sharing in the event you're interested in ordering some Shea Moisture or As I am products from there (free shipping on orders of $25 or more..not a bad deal at all) No, I don't work for them! I'm just a happy customer.

 Lastly, my LuvNaturals order finally arrived! I can't wait to try and review Kim Love's products! I can already attest to the stellar customer services I received from them. When my products where shipped, the package arrived to UPS empty. Yes, empty, per UPS tracking. UPS notified LuvNaturals and they 2nd day shipped my order to me and refunded me my shipping costs... I didn't even ask for that. In fact, they acted so quickly, that my products arrived the same day I learned that there was an issue with the original shipment. This exemplifies stellar customer service. Stay tuned for my reviews. Til next time, be well!

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