Friday, April 5, 2013

4C Hair - Protective Styling using Marley Hair

Hey Lady Loves <3

This is yet another post on a protective style I was rocking last week.

I was wearing a faux bun look that was completely inspired by glamourfirl1992. I loved the look, but as many of you know, I grow tired of styles quickly and need to change my hair. I opted for using the same Marley hair I used in the Faux bun as extensions for my french braids.

Enjoy the pictures. Many of these looks are suitable to wear to work and most especially job interviews! The video tutorial is at the very bottom of this post. Check it out to see different ways I wore my hair and what I did to achieve the look.

10 simple looks that take a matter of seconds to put together.

One short braid, one long braid! Whaa?

I've lengthened the shorter braid for the sake of symmetry.
Below is the video tutorial. Check it out and a gal and like this video and subby to my new channel. Thank you

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kai,

    Just wanted to tell you that you and this look single handedly dragged me to the next sephora to purchase the naked palette!
    I'm not nearly as good as you handling the brush but i'll try it 'til i nail it down.
    Love your hair and style and last but not least, that smile 's a pure weapon of mass destruction!!!
    Thumbs up and have a nice journey...on all levels!


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