Sunday, September 1, 2013

Curl Former on 4C Hair - Results

Hi Loves!

I wanted to take some time to show you the results of my first set of curl formers. You can get the "real" curl formers from Sally's for $69, however, I purchased my knockoffs from for $16.99. In the near future, I'll be posting a video on my channel (JustMeand4C) showing you my initial reaction and results. I'm going to follow that with a second video showing how I apply the formers and the products I used. 

There are some things that I want to work on for my next go in using curl formers.
1. While I did detangle my hair, I'm going to comb out my coily ends (very gently) using a small tooth comb. My ends looked like flattened coils as my hair didn't straighten out all the way.

2. I need a very strong hold product that I can put in my hair and will not flake. By the end of the day (actually within 6 hours) my hair was puffing out of the curls.  The style still looked lovely, however, the fluff and stuff meant that I couldn't wear it beyond the first day.

I'll also be doing a review of the knock off curl formers that I purchased. Stay tuned for that.

This picture was taken within minutes of me taking out the curl formers.

Clearly, I'm one happy chica!

This is my hair a few hours later, you can see that my curls are beginning to puff. 

This was my hair the week before (using kinky curly curling custard and knot today). I wanted you to see what my hair texture looks like. The curl formers definitely worked.


  1. Omg! I love your blog. I'm a 4c too and I have no clue on what to do with my hair.

    I digress. The curl formers worked amazingly well! I would like to try this when my hair grows out of TWA

  2. Wow nice results on your hair! I'd like to try the curlformers too one day :)

  3. Love love love it! You're the first person that I've found with (4c) hair that matches my exact texture. It's naturally very very coily and I have a hard time dealing with it. Thank you for your posts...oh and your make up is stunning :)

  4. Those curls are perfect!

    And your smile is out of control! So adorable!

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