Sunday, March 10, 2013

Faux Bun Protective Styling 4C Hair

Hi Ladies, 

So this is how I've been wearing my hair lately. I'm taking feedback I've read in forums by seeking more protective styling and making sure that my ends are hidden (protected).

The bun is fake. It's a ponytail I purchased at a local BSS. It's sort of long so I just wear it as a bun and I'm loving it so far.

As far as my hair goes, it's in several twists.
To twist my hair I used Shea Moistures Curl Enhancing Smoothie. And. Can. I. Tell. You..Something..??


I clearly oversaturated my hair with this product this time around but I'm not too bothered by that. But just know that if you do, your hair may feel sticky. Also, the more you use, the more glycerin you're putting in your hair. This means puff galore. You might have a hard time keeping definition in styles like braid outs or twist outs because the glycerin will draw moisture from the air. You don't need too much product (it's not necessary to see the product squeezing out of your twists). 

I twisted my hair last Thursday and my hair is STILL moisturized. I took my bun off so that I could moisturize my hair (today, sunday) especially the center of my head and my hair was still so soft that I didn't feel a need to put more product in it, so I merely spritzed my hair with water and sprayed my palm with one pump of the Reconstructive Elixir Spritz and rubbed it on the ends of my hair (again, a very little bit of this product goes a long way).

I'm very pleased with my Shea Moisture experience so far. I intend to review all the products I own of theirs in the upcoming months.

sometimes i create bangs with the ponytail.

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  1. very creative! PS- I also have u on my fb (I'm At-ar-ah Sam). ur just that good and as I mentioned b4 ur a super inspiration for me since we have the same hair!!! yay 4c


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