Tuesday, March 12, 2013

4C Hair DOES Grow - Rodset on Mini twists

Hi Ladies, 

I've neglected my hair the last couple of months or so and it shows. So I've been trimming the heck out of my hair to rid myself of single strand knots and split ends. I'm also seeking more protective styling and moisture.

In efforts to wear more protective styles I decided to put my hair in mini twists last week Thursday. I don't know how long I'll keep these things and thangs in, but I'd like to shoot for 2 months. Now, I've had locs before so I'll be obsessively watching my hair to make sure they aren't trying to loc (which isn't a bad thing, I just don't want locs right now). 

I imagine I'll retwist them along the way to keep them looking neat.

My goals are to Spritz with water bi-daily and moisturize as needed. I haven't washed my hair since I put the twists in, however, I'll be cowashing since I don't intend to use products with cones in it while wearing this protective style. I'll aim for cowashing my hair every 5 days or so (so 1-2 times a week).

I'll be wearing these twists with another goal in mind: to protect my ends! I'll have them tucked away in the styles I'll be wearing (for example in my faux buns). I just posted two faux buns that I've recently worn with these twists. They can be viewed here: Faux Bun 1 and Faux Bun 2

The only products in my hair are Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Shea Moisture's Reconstructive Elixir (I  sprayed one pump on my palms and rubbed the Elixir all over my ends)
I can't help but shake my hair. This is usually possible when my hair is very moisturized.

These are the twists before I put curl rods on them. 

The following morning after I took out the curl rods.

This is my hair after I shook my head to separate the twists.

Kinda cute huh? I was really feelin' the hair style, but I put it in the bun to protect my ends..and let me keep it real..it felt too short for me.

I slicked back my non-existent baby hairs using Eco Styler gel.

Here's where I've come from. It's been 2 years! Here are some closeups of my 4c hair. You can look at other blog posts to get a feel of what my hair looks like as it's been gr


  1. nice twists! and your faux buns are soo nice!! you have given me a very great idea! thank u! and yes! your hair is growing!! :)

  2. @mielabeille thank you! I'm that that this post gave you some inspiration! <3

  3. Wow! So impressed! I'm almost 2yrs but hardly halfway the length of yours :(
    Love your twists.


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