Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hair Update 3.06.2011

        So it's been about 3 mos since the BC and I have to say that thus far I'm pleased with my hair's progress. Thus far, I haven't experienced hair breakage and I've noticed minimal shedding. My hair is healthy.
        This is what my hair looked like after I took out the senegalese twists. As you can see, it was a little dirty and a little dry (not a good state to be in for kinky textured hair). I was negligent in spritzing my hair with water/conditioner on a regular basis, so I've decided to take at least 2 months off before I consider braiding my hair again. I need to spend more time relearning its needs.
Hair right after Senegalese twists were taken off ( February 2011)
I was amazed to see how much my hair grew in about a months time. 
My hair after a wash / 3.06.11
My hair is at its happiest when wet (click on the pic to see a close up of my texture)
Another pic. That my bf in the background..his hair is something else (3c textured back length hair).. I'll have to post pics up sometime so you can see. 
Another today (3.06.11) pic..My hair looks longer since the first post I did on here. But check this shrinkage is CRAZY. It's not cut/layered in any fashion so it quite honestly looks messy..but me no care.
Honestly, this looks like more than 70% shrinkage . 

Texture shot!
I'll be posting product reviews in the near future. This blog is going to be a slow start as I am learning about products and my hair. So please be patient with me! 

Till next time, be well loves.

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