Monday, January 3, 2011

The Journey begins!

So here we go! About 3 weeks ago, I cut my lengthy locks to begin a new (natural) hair journey. Right now I'm re-familiarizing myself with my hair, experimenting with products, and just enjoying my hair as is.

Why am I making this blog? I haven't discovered any "good" 4c blogs. That certainly doesn't mean that they don't exist so if you know of any, PLEASE SHARE!

Yes yes, there's debate as to whether 4C hair texture exists or not. As far as I am concerned, I think it's easier to deny 4C if you don't have it.
Natural characteristics of 4 hair is that it is extremely "coily" and porous. As a result, 4 hair tends to be, dry, delicate, and appears to be much shorter in length than it really is.  4c hair just happens to embody these characteristics "the most".
 My hair literally looks about 50-60% shorter than it really is and is EXTREMELY coily and dry (the boo factor). I haven't experimented with oils since I cut my hair, but back in 2003 when I wore my natural hair, my hair hated them. So for now, I'm sticking with water based products that I will review in the upcoming weeks.

To see more pictures, expand this post by clicking on its title.
I don't mean to separate our textures, however, I've found that what has worked for many 4a's (just an example) doesn't work for me. It was rough following someone else hair journey with little success on my own journey. Actually, that was the problem, I was following someone else's journey. So I'm branching out on my own and paving my own path to fabulous hairness..Whatever that is.  So all in all, i think it helps to really understand what my hair texture is like and what it does for those of you who read this. I want you to know, that what may work for me MAY WORK FOR YOU! however, the boo factor is that is may not work for you. Regardless, I hope you lovebugs find this useful.

My Goal: To disprove the assumption that women with the "kinkiest" of hair textures can't grow their hair out healthily and beautifully.

I got a mad cool widow's peak that I've named "Edwina Ferguson" or "Fergie" for short.

At my present length, my hair gets so coily that my scalp is totally visible if not brushed!

Close up of the fabulousness!

Check out this ultra close up of my hair. You can see how coily my hair is. I have these ALL over my head. If I wasn't so forgetful, I'd name everyone of them.


  1. I'm thinking you haven't discovered such 4c blog because 4c does not exist. Long hair care forum has had many threads on this and not one thread has anyone posted a true picture of 4c hair, it's always 4b. Has AMAZING hair, she's super friendly and has tons of pictures. Good luck!

  2. @Chelle - thank you for the link!! .. I'm a believer in 4C..don't care what any one says!! I simply don't see people with hair as coily as mine..which is why 4C isn't as common IMO. When my natural hair was shoulder length it still didn't look like other natural ladies..much more coily..we'll see. I'm being more observant this opinion on 4b/4c may change in the future

  3. I am a believer in 4c hair too. My hair is definitely not a 4a. But it is definitely not like my mother's beautiful peppercorn coils that are similar to yours. So I know I am a 4b and my mother is a 4c.

  4. @Sammi, thank you love! my coils dont seem as coily now that my hair is a bit!...have you found anything that works for you?

  5. Seriously cant thank you enough for all your post, truly there is not enough representation for TRUE 4c hair. and you rep us well! im 8 months post relaxer cant wait for my BC, Compared to all the natural websites your blog is so valuable. Keep em comn sis : ]


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